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What’s On Your Lips?

lipsticksLately, there has been a resurrgence in makeup with women wearing lipstick during the day. Often reserved for a night out or special occasion, its become the norm now to see women wearing lipstick at any given time during the day.

My mother always pushed me to wear lipstick and would cringe when I’d opt for my lipgloss instead. Its been fun lately playing dress up and trying on various new lip shades. But I have to admit, it took a while to find the right shades that worked for me. When red lipstick became the rage, it wasn’t easy finding the right lipstick for my milk chocolate skin tone. Certain reds made my skin look ashy and some just had me feeling like a clown.

So I visited a few different makeup counters and asked around. Here is some advice I found when I was picking lipsticks for various occasions such as daytime, grabbing drinks with friends or a night out:

1. Minimize or maximize. Depending on the hue and colour, certain lipsticks can accentuate or minimize your lip shape. Darker lipsticks will make your lips look smaller while light hues will make them appear fuller.

2. The nudist. Finding a neutral shade for daytime/office wear is just as hard as finding a dramatic colour. Try to go a few shades darker than your natural lip colour. For me I found MAC’s ‘Touch” worked best, it’s only a shade darker than my natural lip but it is sublte enough for office wear.

3. Skin tones. Just like learning the primary colours in grade school, its imporant to know what are the basic skin tones and where does yours lie. The common two ranges are cool and warm, and within those two are the sub groups of red, orange and yellow. A common way to determine what your skin tone is by looking at the colour of the veins on your inner wrists. If they look bluish then you’re a cool skin tone and if they look green then you’re a warm tone. Cool skin tones lean to yellow and slightly orange under tones while warm are more red.

4. Colours for your skin tones. If you fall within the fairer skin category and cool toned, you should go for nude or a soft mocha color. If you’re warm toned, look for nude peach or pale pinks. Medium skin hues can try a wide range of colours. For medium skin with warm undertones, bronze colours look best and cool undertones should give pinks to cranberry colours a try. Lastly for darker skin with a cool undertones, ruby and wine-colored hues stand out while warmer toned ladies should opt for copper coloured lipsticks, avoiding orange lipsticks.

5. Practice makes perfect. Try, try and try again. Don’t be afraid to try as many colours as you want. There’s a lipstick for every occasion so have fun shopping around.

Kimye on Vogue

kim and kanye vogueThe uproar from the highbrow fashion world coud be heard all over the social media landscape the minute it was announced that Kim Kardashian along with her fiancee Kanye West (annoyingly dubbed Kimye) would be on the cover of Vogue’s Spring issue.

The minute it hit the Twittersphere, there were several tweets from folks who were shocked that Vogue Editor Anna Wintour chose reality star Kim Kardashian to grace the cover. Most notable was actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who tweeted that she was cancelling her subscription.

It is a bit of surprise to see Kim on the cover. Kanye, not so much. He has been forging a path in the fashion world from his Fendi internship to countless appearances front row at fashion shows. But Kim has not been a favourite of Ms. Wintour’s, so seeing her on the cover seems a ploy to create controversy. It’s been speculated that she was banned from the MET gala for years but was only allowed in recently as Kanye’s date, but was kept off Vogue’s best dressed list after she wore that hideous floral print full body table cloth.

The fashion world will say that Vogue needs to stick to models on its cover, or at the very least celebs with talent. That a reality star who had no fashion sense that was memorable until Kanye’s stylist did an overhaul of her wardrobe, hasn’t earned a coveted seat on the cover of fashion’s Bible.

Anna Wintour had to defend this choice in her letter to the editor in the same issue, saying that she wasn’t put up to this after Kanye begged her to put Kim on the cover but that the Vogue team all chose this cover. Stating that as a couple, Kimye are influential in today’s culture.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Kimye phenom and was taken a back to see them on the cover. Do they cause a stir and are talked about? Yes, but does that warrant a highly coveted fashion cover? For Kanye, yes. He is making waves in fashion and despite his rants and obnoxious behaviour I can’t despite his talent. But Kim, no. There is no talent there and any fashion sense has been curated and handed to her. Which I get is no different than a model, but at least with a model we already agree that’s their job. To just wear the clothes and make us envision ourselves in them. However with Kim, we are being told that this is a standard of beauty and class to be emulated. No thanks. Lest we forget how she got here.

Oscars 2014

The stars shine just a bit brighter on Oscars night. The outfits, the hair, the jewels…and of course the awards. But for me, it all begins on the red carpet. The show itself can often be a bore, but with Ellen hosting again this year we had a few laughs along the way.

One of the many highlights of the show for me was Pharrell’s performance of his hit ‘Happy’ from the Despicable Me animated film. He had the often stiff Oscar audience up and dancing, doing a shimmy with Lupita, Meryl and Amy Adams. Even Jamie Foxx and his daughter crashed the stage to dance along. Big step forward for hip hop to see one of its own take over the Oscar stage so fearlessly.

Now onto what matters the most…the fashion.

Best Dressed

This season’s red carpet had two themes – pastels and navy blue. Dramatic difference between the two colours, but both the men and women took inspiration from the oncoming spring by bringing pastels out while others chose to dramatize their elegance with a hint of blue.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Lupita Nyong’o

Hands down the most anticipated outfit of the night. Since her emergence onto the scene, Lupita has dazzled us with edgy and breath taking dresses. Its her risk taking and boldness that has me enchanted. And now we can add Oscar winner to her accolades. Was that not the best speech ever? She had everyone in tears. Not only is she best supporting actress, to me she was the best dressed at the Oscars. Wearing a custom made dress by Prada that she collaborated on with, she had folks on Twitter calling her Cinderella. And she truly did look like the belle of the ball in that dress. Telling reporters on the red carpet that the blue hue of her dress reminded her of her home town of Nairobi, has already got folks calling that colour Nairobi Blue. From her smile, fashion sense, acting chops and memorable winning speech, Lupita is an all around star.


I’m a sucker for clean lines and elegance. Call this dress simple, but to me it was classic beauty. Amy looked amazing in this Darren Le Gallo dress in navy blue. Hair pinned up with coral stoned chandelier earrings, she looked comfortable and composed. Unfortunately American Hustle was not a winner at the awards, but Amy looked great.

Camila Alves OscarCamilla Alves

This Braziliam bombshell has been stealing the show from her husband Matthew Mconaughy at each red carpet appearance they’ve made together during award season. As a former model, you know she understands fashion and what works best for her body. So its no surprise that she finds the best dresses to suit her. Wearing a Gabriela Cadena gown, Camila makes wearing pastel pink appear flawless. But pastel is not an easy look to pull off, especially when olive toned but her glam squad had her makeup done right to ensure it didn’t wash out her sun kissed glow. Just seeing her and Lupita in such bright colours has me excited for spring.

86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsCharlize Theron

Can this woman ever look wrong? Has she ever stepped out wearing a dress that made us cringe? Never. Charlize delivers again. Newly married to Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn, Charlize looks fierce in this Christian Dior all black gown. As the face of Dior’s J’adore perfume, its fitting that she steps out in a stunning Dior number.

sandra-bullock-gravitates-to-the-oscars-2014-red-carpet-02Sandra Bullock

Again, classic lines and sheer elegance Sandra Bullock harks to a golden age of fashion and cinema in this McQueen number. If you recall, when Sandra first started doing movies and thus appearing at shows and premieres she was not the best dressed often times. Yet she has blossomed into her own style wearing dresses that compliment her beauty and appropriately reflect her maturity in this industry. Nothing looks better on a woman than a great smile and confidence, which are Sandra’s greatest accesories.

Worst Dressed

Now everyone can’t be a winner. There were a few ladies that either neglected to heed their stylist’s advice or made the woeful mistake of not having one to begin with. Nonetheless hope they chalk it up to ‘lessons learned’, here are my choices for worst dressed.

anna-kendrick-oscars-2014-red-carpetAnna Kendrick

If my grandmother was to attend the Oscars, this might be what she’d wear so you can imagine how peculiar it looks on the young Anna Kendrick. I’m not even going to to dare name the designer because they should remain nameless for this horrendous piece.

86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsJulia Roberts

This is an example of someone who believes they can dress themselves for the Oscars and most likely doesn’t have a stylist. Not because she doesn’t need one (this outfit alone proves otherwise), but to her she’s Julia I-been-here-long-enough Roberts so she can wear whatever she wants. No darling you can’t. No one should be on the red carpet wearing a dress I can probably find at the mall. Peplum? Really? In 2014? And you’re a certified Hollywood A list that has won an Oscar before. SMH.

86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsJennifer Garner

When you are the wife of Ben Affleck, why are you wearing Christmas tinsel as a dress? Is it a 1920s inspired flapper dress? Is it a Vegas showgirl outfit gone semi Amish? Who knows but its hideous. When you know you are going to be a presenter at the Oscars, you bring your A game. This was a plummeting F. She has a stylist who is either lying to her or doesn’t get paid enough to care. Either way, Jen fire that person and see if Ben can call his ex JLo to send over one of her people.

The Men

Now normally I don’t pay attention to what the men are wearing. I mean, they all wear tuxedos and for the most part all tuxes look a like. But this year the dudes stepped their game up a few notches. Not sure what was in the water, but it was nice to see a divergence from the usual black tux.


86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsJared Leto

Taking the first award of the night, my crush from My So Called Life (if you didn’t watch this show as a teen, then how do you even understand angst?) Jared Leto melted my heart. His speech to his family was moving. But his suit: the white jacket with the blood red bow tie was killer! And his hair! Also, I just read that he’s 42 years old! Clearly him and Pharrell Williams are drinking from the same fountain of youth.

pharrell-williams-wear-shorts-on-oscars-2014-red-carpetPharrell Williams

Speaking of the Virginia native, Pharrell Williams showed up in shorts. Now I know this isn’t conventional but its Pharrell. Whether its because he’s a great looking man with a heart stopping smile or because he’s a humble musician, we give him the pass on this. Pharrell can do no wrong in my eyes. He’s been making hip hop anthems since I was a teenager so he’s already won me over. Plus his performance of ‘Happy’ that had everyone dancing has cemented him as a musical genius. Wear whatever you want Pharrell, just keep making music.

kevin-spacey-oscars-2014-red-carpetKevin Spacey

How refreshing to see such a dashing twist to the classic tux. Navy blue was everywhere at the Oscars and Kevin looked fierce in this suit. The colour is dark enough that he played it semi-safe but that hue makes any man stand out in just the right way. Great look and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more navy blue tuxes from here on out.


What were your favs? Which outfits made you cringe?


Miley Cyrus for W Magazine


Didn’t even recognize little Hannah Montana in this picture. Her look has definitely changed but is it evolving or just falling to attract the lowest common denominator? Is this just to shock people into paying attention?

That type of PR only lasts a few minutes. Long careers are built on talent, not award show mishaps and magazine covers.

Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair 2014

Because I honestly can’t get enough of her. Lupita slays in the 2014 Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair. The cover was shot by the famous Annie Leibovitz and features this year’s hottest actors who have films out now.

Its so great to see that in the 3 page fold out of this year’s Hollywood issue, there are six black actors. From seasoned actors such as Idris Elba and Chiwetel Ejiofor to young faces such as Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyongo. Hope this becomes a norm as opposed to a rarity.

No coincedence that Jared Leto is sitting right by Lupita as there have been rumours the two are smitten for each other. Get him Lupita!

The journey to the Oscar’s continues.

Obsessed Over Lupita


I can’t be the only obsessed by Lupita Nyong’o. The Kenyan actress is being dubbed 2014’s surprise breakout style star. With it being awards season, Lupita has been everywhere rocking bold outfits that are absolutely stunning on her.


There is nothing sexier on a woman than confidence. Okay, one other thing – a killer smile. Lupita has both so she’s a winner on all fronts. When was the last time we saw a mocha sister with short hair own the red carpets the way Lupita has? Yeah, I’ll wait.


What I’m also adoring is her Instagram page. She’s a real fan, taking pics with celebs she’s meeting at various awards shows. You can see her excitement on the road to the Oscar’s. But its the air of calm she carries while taking risks with such eye catching colours and avant garde dresses. 

Lupita at SAG

Can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscar’s! 

Golden Globes 2014

Let’s be serious, the highlight and main reason why a lot of folks tuned into the Golden Globes is because of these two hilarious ladies.

Tina Fey and Amy PoehlerTina Fey and Amy Poehler are incredible as hosts – their timing, their skits and the fact that they are not afraid to take jabs at the nominees. You can tell the actors like it as they even play along with their jokes; Julia Dreyfus ignoring them and Matt Damon referring to their joke in his presentation. I hope these two always host the show…or at least Tina does.

Amy and Tina

Now, the second reason why we all tune in – the dresses!! Oh and Leo…I tune in to see Leonardo DiCaprio.

Worst Dressed 

Let’s start with Worst Dressed. This year, there were way too many dresses that fit into this category.

Paula PattonPaula, who was the cruel stylist that lied to you and said “Yes, girl! You rocking it!” Fire him/her now! You are too gorgeous to be wrapped up in such a hideous concoction.

Jennifer Lawrence

I love Jennifer Lawrence. She always has the best speeches, her interviews are hilarious and she has a killer smile. But this outfit…I’m sorry. I was disappointed.

Remember that hot red outfit she wore at the Golden Globes a few years back when her mom accidentally hinted that Jen was going to be Katniss in Hunger Games? Gorgeous! This just looks like curtains wrapped around her with black tape.

Kaley Cuoco

Another funny lady that was a complete miss on the red carpet. The silhouette is great but the colouring is off for Kaley Cuoco. Maybe it’s an art piece and I’m just not getting it but for a black tie event, this just fell short of being the glam that is expected for the Globes. Maybe if her hair was up and she had dramatic makeup…maybe.

Zoe Saldana

For all her beauty and elegance, Zoe Saldana’s dress looked like a mess. The dress appeared incomplete, almost as if her two seamstresses quarreled on how to finish the dress and couldn’t decide. Seriously, this has to be a joke right?

Best Dressed

Now they may not have won an award but these ladies were the Best Dressed to me.

Lupita Nyongo

Lupita Nyong’o! Yes Yes Yes! The skin, the lipstick and the DRESS! She flawlessly wore this Ralph Lauren dress with cape and looks so regal and comfortable at the same time. Her beauty is memorable and now this dress will be. 

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale looks like she was painted into this Zuhair Murad dress. On the red carpet she told Carson that the zipper broke while in the car. Not surprised as that dress looks tighter than cling wrap. Nonetheless she looks great. 

Amy Adams

Two tone is a daring move, especially with reds and as a red head. But Amy did a stellar job with this. With her hair pulled back, she pulls off this Valentino dress impeccably.

Kerry Washington

I’m biased with this one. I adore Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope so she wins automatically for me. And she’s preggers! Looking all kinds of cute and glowy. Too bad Scandal didn’t win an award but this outfit is already a winner to me.

Mila KunisWhether it’s her sultry smile or her smokey eye makeup, Mila delivers in this metallic Gucci dress. The halter style with the busy neck piece throws me off a bit but overall its a great dress and she rocked it.

Were there any dresses you loved or hated? Any outfits you wished would never see the light of day again? 

Ziad Nakad F/W 2014

An Infinite List of Favorite Collections

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