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PR Pros Heart Twitter

According to a study called Social Media Reality Check, by CNW and Leger Marketing, the number of PR pros using Twitter has almost doubled from 2009 to 2011. Currently 76 per cent of communicators in the US and Canada use Twitter however only 15 per cent of major companies have a budget allocated for social media. Clearly there is a disconnect between the forward thinking PR pros and those at the helms of major companies deciding how best to communicate with their consumers.

In my PR career, I’ve often found that the PR pros that are on the ground running have a stronger grasp of social media and its use when communicating to consumers meanwhile those with the keys to the budget are too reluctant to fully understand the advantages of open dialogue via social media. Hence small businesses find a great opportunity by networking through social media to not only gain new customers but to brand themselves fluidly and easily. The means are within their hands and luckily going independent for me has been just as rewarding.

Leverage The Crisis

Marketing Magazine recently posted an article about an accessories designer who found out that a similar design of hers was being hawked at Urban Outfitters. Thanks to the level playing field of social media, she quickly took to Twitter to vent her disgust (tweeting “Hey @UrbanOutfitters, this is NOT COOL. Way to rip me off”). This lead to a Facebook page being created attacking the store for ripping off an independent designer. Even Miley Cyrus got wind of it and even tweeted at the major retailer (@MileyCyrus: “Love that everybody is hating on Urban Outfitters.”)

This ‘crisis’ lead to new attention towards the independent designer which she otherwise may not have received, for example now Miley Cyrus fans are aware of her company. Question is, when an underdog is faced with a similar situation should they ‘leverage the crisis’?

Most Stressful Job – PR

This came as no surprise to me that a job in public relations listed second as one of the most stressful jobs by the Daily Mail in the UK. With factors like hectic deadlines, intensive multi-tasking and more than usual travel a career in PR can take its toll on any professional. I’ve found that taking some ‘me’ time is invaluable along with keeping things in perspective. Add to that, knowing when things are beyond your control and when you can let things go, while maintaining a healthy level of communication with your clients will keep things copacetic.

A key lesson I had to learn quickly was being proactive with my media outreach. When you’re sitting in the reactive seat, you’ll always be stressed out because you’ve allowed your clients’ PR story to be told by reporters, shareholders, etc. Take control and be proactive. You’ll see how easily things fall into place when you take that approach. Happy reading!

Interview with ListenMR

I had the amazing pleasure of being interviewed by the dynamic duo of Mahsa and Rashel of ListenMR last week at the Raise It Up For Your Ma Dukes event. It was a packed house so we chatted across the street and it was very chill and comfortable describing the event with these ladies. Also featured is Anna Keenan, a great photographer/artist who was showcasing some of her work at the show. Check it out and enjoy!

Effective Use of PR

Insightful post by Sandra Gabriel on Black Ink on the recent PR mishap between Google and PR firm Burson-Marstellar. When a public company is about to make a large announcement, their PR firms have to tread lightly when it comes to giving reporters the exclusive before the news hits the wire. However, any news outlet has to be weary when a PR firm is calling with info on a company violating any corporate practices. To assume that a publication wouldn’t do their due dilligence and fact check is irresponsible. Have a read and see what Sandra notes are some key practices when conducting a PR campaign.

The Effective Use of Public Relations


Great post by Lara Ceroni of Elle Canada. She calls out key mistakes made by PR ‘professionals’ (how professional are you if make these mistakes) that can lead to a great story being dismissed by any reporter. Key things I’ve always stayed on top of is being succinct in any of my emails and taking the time to personalize my communication with any reporter by showing I’ve researched their audience. Taking a few moments to research the key reporters/writers can ensure a more successful campaign on any idea/story/event.

If you’re a PR professional, take a few moments and read this insightful article:

Avoid the #PRfail

Publicity vs PR

I get asked this question a lot – what is the difference between publicity and PR? Seth Godin does a great job clarifying the difference. Hope this sheds some light in terms of what form of public outreach you’re looking for. Once you’re sure you know what you’re looking for, hit me up at Cheers.