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Leverage The Crisis

Marketing Magazine recently posted an article about an accessories designer who found out that a similar design of hers was being hawked at Urban Outfitters. Thanks to the level playing field of social media, she quickly took to Twitter to vent her disgust (tweeting “Hey @UrbanOutfitters, this is NOT COOL. Way to rip me off”). This lead to a Facebook page being created attacking the store for ripping off an independent designer. Even Miley Cyrus got wind of it and even tweeted at the major retailer (@MileyCyrus: “Love that everybody is hating on Urban Outfitters.”)

This ‘crisis’ lead to new attention towards the independent designer which she otherwise may not have received, for example now Miley Cyrus fans are aware of her company. Question is, when an underdog is faced with a similar situation should they ‘leverage the crisis’?

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