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Miley Cyrus for W Magazine


Didn’t even recognize little Hannah Montana in this picture. Her look has definitely changed but is it evolving or just falling to attract the lowest common denominator? Is this just to shock people into paying attention?

That type of PR only lasts a few minutes. Long careers are built on talent, not award show mishaps and magazine covers.

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  1. Schen7020 says:

    But we exist in a world where talent doesn’t matter anymore and it’s all about a stimulating visual to make a lasting impression. When she came onto the scene with her tongue wagging and twerking I was super turned off. But since then, she’s kind of kept a low radar (e.g. I don’t see pics of her drag racing and getting arrested a la Justin Beiber) so at least in that regard, she’s not choking us everyday with her image. I think this magazine cover is awesome and I love that she is not always trying to look conventional in terms of beauty because that’s just boring. Time will tell!

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