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Most Stressful Job – PR

This came as no surprise to me that a job in public relations listed second as one of the most stressful jobs by the Daily Mail in the UK. With factors like hectic deadlines, intensive multi-tasking and more than usual travel a career in PR can take its toll on any professional. I’ve found that taking some ‘me’ time is invaluable along with keeping things in perspective. Add to that, knowing when things are beyond your control and when you can let things go, while maintaining a healthy level of communication with your clients will keep things copacetic.

A key lesson I had to learn quickly was being proactive with my media outreach. When you’re sitting in the reactive seat, you’ll always be stressed out because you’ve allowed your clients’ PR story to be told by reporters, shareholders, etc. Take control and be proactive. You’ll see how easily things fall into place when you take that approach. Happy reading!

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