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Obsessed Over Lupita


I can’t be the only obsessed by Lupita Nyong’o. The Kenyan actress is being dubbed 2014’s surprise breakout style star. With it being awards season, Lupita has been everywhere rocking bold outfits that are absolutely stunning on her.


There is nothing sexier on a woman than confidence. Okay, one other thing – a killer smile. Lupita has both so she’s a winner on all fronts. When was the last time we saw a mocha sister with short hair own the red carpets the way Lupita has? Yeah, I’ll wait.


What I’m also adoring is her Instagram page. She’s a real fan, taking pics with celebs she’s meeting at various awards shows. You can see her excitement on the road to the Oscar’s. But its the air of calm she carries while taking risks with such eye catching colours and avant garde dresses. 

Lupita at SAG

Can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscar’s! 


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  1. Schen7020 says:

    I completely agree she is the breakout style star BY A MILE. She’s not afraid of different shapes and colors and she knows what works on her body. Her skin is perfection! I’m loving everything she’s rocking on the red carpet (that nude stella mccartney would have looked drab on any other actress) and I am really excited to see what she brings to the Oscars! Something fabulous I am sure….she just won the SAG which means she’s the FRONT RUNNER!

  2. Sem says:

    Her skin is perfection is absolutely no exaggeration. Love her!

  3. Moy says:

    She’s absolutely stunning. I’m really happy to see her (in all her chocolatey goodness) everywhere. I’m also really excited that she’s actually being recognized for her beauty. We don’t see these kinds of representations of black women in the media. Breath of fresh air, for real.

    • Najat says: (Author)

      Is it odd that I’m also loving the buzz about how Jared Leto is smitten over her? The blogs are loving posting the pics of them chatting it up at award shows. And the pic of Leo DiCaprio coming up and kissing her while she was on the red carpet at SAG. Just adoring how much attention this beauty is getting!

  4. Saada says:

    I would love to take pictures of her. I look at her and I’m lost for words, she is so beautiful….her skin, man!!!!

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