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Ridiculous Job Titles

Sam Fiorella posted a hilarious article on PR Daily touching on a recent phenom with job titles in the social media field that begs the question, ‘what do you really do?’. The job title should give it away, but lately there’s this emergence of titles that honestly have me shaking my head. Yes, social media is a new frontier for many legacy companies so categorizing these new hires may require a bit of creativity but lets keep it professional.

Below is Sam’s list of 12 worst titles. Let me know if you’ve come across any of these or have any funny ones that beat them. My fav has to be 3 and 4.

1. Web Alchemist

2. Head of Interactions

3. Ant Colony Foreman

4. Chief People Herder

5. Chatter Monkey

6. Community Data Guerrilla

7. Social Media Guru

8. Social Media Swami

9. Public Happy Maker

10. Social Media Evangelist

11. Social Media Rockstar

12. Social Media Missionary

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