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Somali Famine Relief Fundraising Dinner

As an East African, the word ‘famine’ holds a different type of pain for me. The Horn of Africa has been a victim to droughts and famines for too long. With the absence of peace and stability in that region for centuries, the lack of rain is just another blow to the innocent lives who seem to never catch a break.

When I was approached by the group, Concerned Youth Bringing Hope to Somalia, to help with their fundraiser I didn’t even think twice about it. Especially during the holy month of Ramadan, it feels even that much more relevant for me to do something. In this day and age, how are famines still occuring? Children dying of malnourishment while we have so much access here in North America hurts my heart. If you can, please check out the event (flyer above) or donate at Canada Helps .  100% of the donation goes to the famine victims.

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