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The Cure Is In The Kitchen

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Growing up, my mother and grandmother would always point out certain foods and tell me what their benefits were. Such as, if you’re feeling nauseous they’d suggest you warm up some water with lime.

Often written off as just wives’ tale, these tidbits of advice often stem from true nutritional knowledge.

Here are some of my favourite foods and their health benefits.

What are your favourite foods and their hidden cures?


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  1. Schen7020 says:

    Can I just say that I am sort of obsessed with kale chips? Like when you toss it in olive oil and sea salt and bake…..I think it’s so tasty and delicious.

    I love all of what you love too! How about you stop blogging and cook something for me instead? Put your thoughts into action girl.

    • Najat says: (Author)

      Yes, kale chips are so easy to make and taste great.
      Deal! I’ll get started right away *keeps blogging quietly**

  2. day says:

    i support this message of you cooking… and me eating what you cook….

  3. lamin says:

    spinach!!!! i love eating salads and while I don’t really like eating spinach i cant help but to smile while eating it knowing that it packs so much protein.

    • Najat says: (Author)

      You’re right, spinach does pack a lot of protein. It also has calcium which is great, especially for those that are lactose intolerant.

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